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iRexton Group

iRexton Group Design and Performance Marketing Agency

iRexton Group was established in 2022 and offers innovative digital marketing solutions. Recognized for its vibrant and competent team, iRexton Group is a full-service design and performance-marketing business. It has locations in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Lisbon, Portugal. Digital strategy, Design, Facebook Paid Ads, Instagram Paid Ads, Google Ads, Google Shopping (Shopify), Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Bing Ads, and WEB3 are our areas of expertise.

iRexton Group is a B2B marketing company that focuses on developing strong relationships as well as improving online exposure in WEB3, real estate, finance, e-commerce, gaming, fashion, and education. 

iRexton Group
iRexton Group

We Can Assist You with a Variety of Services

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Online Shops
irexton group solutions
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Social Media
Платні медіа
Paid Media
Lead Generation
Інфлюенсер маркетинг
Influence Marketing
Електронний маркетинг
Email Marketing
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community managment irexton group
Community Management
seo irexton group
Redes sociais pagas
Paid Social

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What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

"iRexton advertising and lead generation services had a tremendous impact on our digital visibility and revenue streams, propelling them to the top page of the most targeted keywords and generating a nearly 180% ROI in produced sales."
Alex Sagan
Ukrregister, Real Estate Platform
"iRexton boosts our customer's email subscriptions and books more calls with qualified leads. The iRexton staff met deadlines for tasks and provided prompt answers to our inquiries. They maintained the project's focus by submitting weekly emails and videos with updates, and analytics on their success measures."
Florian Menue
Game Changer
"Site traffic, client recommendations, and social media engagements have all improved because of the partnership with iRexton. The team is professional, with an individual approach, agile, and exceptionally creative."
Costa Sytniuk
UBT, Basalt Fiber

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How can I connect marketing and revenue?

iRexton Group centralizes data and reports from various sources to give you a fuller, more accurate picture of your marketing performance. ROI dashboard will provide you with a comprehensive overview of each channel’s marketing influence. Use a content analytics tool to monitor how content affects your main business goals. Artificial intelligence conversation analysis that illuminates leads from particular marketing channels

How can I drive more qualified leads?

iRexton Group use information gathered from numerous prominent industry tools to keep an eye on rivals’ marketing tactics. To obtain a cohesive picture of the customer journey, centralize and enrich user data from calls, forms, and website visits. Construct new audience segments automatically so you may connect with them at several points along their multi-touchpoint journey. Use sales CRM to improve ad targeting and increase the amount of qualified visitors of your website.

How can I improve, accelerate, and measure web content?

iRexton Group makes content marketing seamless and efficient. Our content toolset helps improve content quality, accelerate content creation, and measure content performance. It’s simple to find, organize, and work together on content for your company. You can monitor how each piece of content affects your main goals. Create landing pages for email and PPC campaigns quickly. Customize your content to boost engagement and conversion rates.

How can I empower sales team to close more leads?

iRexton Group works for your marketing team. There are many tools and capabilities built to enable your sales team to close more prospective leads for your business.

Identify, track, and focus on the best possible customers for your company to provide your sales force with more quality leads. Prioritize the most qualified leads for your sales team by instantly qualifying and scoring incoming online leads. When scheduling appointments, cut down on back and forth by letting clients and prospects choose a time directly from your sales calendar.
With an intuitive and robust customer relationship management solution, you can assist your sales staff in closing more business.

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